We Help Accounting, Tax & Bookkeeping Firms

Acquire 5 to 10 High Value Clients

Every Month

Without Paid Advertising

As an Accountant, drumming up high quality clients is hard.

Our proprietary 'Ignition System' makes it simple.

Trusted by

David O'Brien CPA

"Anthony took the time to explain how his system worked, then drilled down on the market I wanted to penetrate, to build an unending supply of real leads. Anthony has diverse industry and geographical experience from years of working in the Accounting field. Three months in and I'm already seeing a substantial return on my investment!"

Jerry Grant CPA

I've generated a couple of dozen consultation calls and landed my first real client with several others pending! This system works!!"

Full Circle Bookkeeping

"I went through the modules and got my first 2 real clients from implementing just 1 of the 5 channels you teach in your program"

Marian Wild ACA

"Thanks Anthony for this excellent program. I'm just starting Week 1 and already it has given me renewed focus and determination!"

Mohanned Rahman

Johanna Eddy CPA

We help elevate your value over your price to attract higher calibre clients every month

Transparent Results

We reverse engineer all results and never withhold information from our client

Integrity & responsibility

We never blame something or someone.  If I own it, if I did it, then I'm responsible for it


Upgrading products, upgrading systems and processes to always be the industry leader

What my Clients are Saying

Review Heading

"after just the first week I have had an enormous amount of ‹Aha› moments, it is truly eye opening!"

Mohanned Rahman
I just closed a client using the value sheet method!

Johanna Eddy CPA